It’s time to meet the overseas motorized platform cart competition head-on.

AmericartUSA™ realized there was a need for American made powered platform carts. The challenge was to meet the overseas competition with price. Through research and development, testing and finalizing the concept, AmericartUSA™ was born. We created a competitively priced motorized cart for the American consumer. With over 20 years of experience in the power drive industry AmericartUSA™ can confidently say we delivery quality, American manufactured standards, competitively priced with imported, battery operated platform trucks.

No matter if you are looking to purchase a motorized platform cart for the hotel, casino, manufacturing or commercial industry, AmericartUSA™ has the perfect ergonomic cart for you.

Through these specialized discussions it came to light that AmericartUSA™ needed to expand its product offerings to customers beyond just a basic platform truck. Now offering a motorized cart with lift table for applications needing to eliminate the risk of injuries associated with lifting. Expanding beyond platform trucks, AmericartUSA™ saw a niche for a powered tugger. AmericartUSA™ expanded its product offering to include a motorized tug to pull items already on wheels. The perfect solution for you when you need to move something, and leave it there for a while, when dedicating a power drive is not financially, or process appropriate.

For further information, download a product brochure or call our sales team at 1-877-498-0076.

Motorized Platform Cart Brochure

Motorized Platform Cart with Lift Table Brochure

Motorized Tug Brochure

Do you need a custom material handing solution? Check out our parent company, PHS West, Inc. for custom motorized platform carts, scissor lift tables, electric tugs, and other ergonomic material handling products manufactured in the USA.